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Welcome to the homepage of ExpertCom Ltd.!

Sure enough information technology, and most notably the Internet is changing the ways of conducting business. The new economy is here but where are you and your company going to be in let's say two years from now?

ExpertCom Ltd. has already extensive experience in developing complex e-commerce, and Internet based solutions for small and medium size businesses. We are ready to lend our expertise to help you and your company to enter and to operate in the new economy the smoothest possible way.

Besides developing complex e-commerce and information management solutions ExpertCom took up a new line of business and established the ExpertCommunicator(TM) label, with the main focus on VOIP and Unified Communications area.

In 2004 ExpertCom established the Pocketnapalm label, with the main focus on Console and Mobile game development. The games vary in theme and complexity, they range from small puzzles to the most complex 3D multi-player games.The Pocketnapalm label has to offer you a great variety of games for reasonable prices.